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91-Year-Old Great Grandmother Defies Age with Daily Fitness Regime



91-Year-Old Great Grandmother Defies Age with Daily Fitness Regime

Edna Giordano, a 91-year-old great grandmother from British Columbia, Canada, has shattered the image of old age and its restrictions. She has become a viral sensation, an icon, and an epitome of vitality and strength for her dedication to daily exercise, even at her advanced age. This sprightly nonagenarian began her fitness journey in her 60s after retiring from her career as a hospital worker. Now, she is a mother of five, a grandmother of 21, and a great grandmother of four, who continues to focus on walking, stretching, and weight lifting to maintain her cardiovascular health and bone strength.

Gift of Health and Freedom of Movement

Edna’s philosophy is simple yet profound. She believes that the best gift one can give to themselves is their health and the ability to move freely. It is a gift that she cherishes and nurtures every day of her life. Despite her age, she prioritizes her physical fitness and independence, firmly stating that her body feels better when it is in motion. Edna’s competition is not with others but with herself, pushing her limits to improve constantly.

Spreading Fitness Inspiration Through Social Media

Dalyce Radke, Edna’s daughter, is a certified personal trainer with an Instagram following of over 520,000. She has made it her mission to share her mother’s inspirational journey and fitness regime. Dalyce posts videos of Edna performing various exercises, such as squats, lunges, shoulder presses, and more. These videos, while showcasing Edna’s unconventional strength and determination, also serve as a motivating beacon for many.

Embracing Age with Strength and Grace

The fitness community has wholeheartedly embraced Edna’s story. Her workout videos have garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of positive comments, turning the spotlight onto the fact that health and strength can be maintained at any age. Dalyce, echoing her mother’s sentiments, believes that age is just a number and credits her mother’s example for her not fearing the years ahead. Edna’s story underscores the message that with dedication, desire, and consistency, a life of health and mobility is achievable regardless of age.

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