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‘A Great Role Model’: LIV Golf Defector’s Heart Melting Deed Receives Overwhelming Praise From The Golf World



LIV Golf player, Harold Varner III, is a talented golfer who has made a name for himself on the professional golf circuit. However, he is more than just a skilled athlete. Harold is also a passionate philanthropist who has made it his mission to give back to his community through the HV3 Foundation. 

Moreover, the American professional golfer achieved his ultimate dream of playing at the Open at St. Andrews, thanks to a locally-based charity that supported him 14 years earlier. Fast forward to today, Harold is now a champion in his own right, having won the PIF Saudi International tournament in February 2022.

So, the foundation focuses on providing educational opportunities and support for children in need. With a strong commitment to making a positive impact, and to inspire these younglings and introduce himself and his organization, Harold just took a trip to a very special place.


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Harold Varner III receives love from his fans

The 32-year-old recently visited his elementary school. He was involved in some fun games with the children. “Full circle moment for me and it was awesome. Got to meet some incredible kids from the same elementary school that I went to, play a couple fun games and introduce myself.”

Moreover, the incredible kids at the school reminded the former PGA Tour player that its okay to let go and have fun sometimes. “These kids were everything. Reminded me how important it is to just have fun in life.”

Let’s take a look at what the fans had to say about this sweet visit:

“This is why we love you H. Biggest heart on tour 💯”

“Love this. Keep doin what your doin💪🏽”

“And THIS is why you da man, Brotha !!!”

“You are a great role model!”


“You are awesome🔥🔥🔥🙌love liv”

“Well done pal 👏👏👏”

“Love this!!❤️”


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Varner visited the school as a part of charity work for HV3 foundation, in collaboration with First Tee GC. The two organizations aim to promote the sport of golf among the younger generation. Moreover, the two organizations have been successful in bringing together 60 students and 42 mentors in just one year.

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Furthermore, Harold is committed to enabling the younger generation to achieve their utmost potential, and thereby, make a positive impact on the world. He strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people. Moreover, the LIV Golfer leverages his influence to motivate others to follow his lead. And hopefully, he was able to inspire and motivate the young kids at the elementary school to explore the world of golf.

What are your thoughts about Harold’s charity organisation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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