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Andrey Rublev: You need to have perfect day against Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic



Andrey Rublev says being at your very best is absolutely required if you want to have any chance against Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Rublev, who defeated Djokovic in last year’s Belgrade final, has one win and three losses against the Serb.

Against Nadal, Rublev has one win and two losses. “When you face players like Novak or Rafa, you have to have a perfect day. You have to put everything in, everything clicks, both mentally Physically. You must be fresh, your shots must be very clean and you must go out on the court with a very clear idea in mind.

The serve must be great, also the return. If all that happens, you will have a good chance of fighting against this guy of players. If there’s something you don’t feel good about, like serving, or you feel physically tired or mentally challenged, they take advantage of that instantly.

That’s why they’re much better than the rest,” Rublev explained, per Punto de Break.

Rublev inspired by Djokovic

Earlier this year, Rublev suffered a straight-set defeat to Djokovic in the Australian Open quarterfinal. At Melbourne Park, Rublev was hoping to make his first Grand Slam semifinal or final – but Djokovic didn’t allow that to happen.

After beating Rublev, Djokovic went on to win his 22nd Grand Slam title. Rublev, who is 25 and hoping to also one day be a Grand Slam champion and the world No 1, believes Djokovic is the best example that everything can be achieved with the hard work and commitment.

“He shows that basically everything is possible, that at 35 he can still be the best player in the world and break all records. If you do the right things, you can perform at the highest level, regardless of your age. This is what Novak represents for me,” Rublev said of Djokovic last week.

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