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Baby born on Air Canada flight bound for Toronto



Baby born on Air Canada flight bound for Toronto

A baby delivered on a recent Air Canada flight bound for Toronto is giving new meaning to the term airborne.

The airline confirmed the news to CTV News Toronto in an email on Monday, saying the flight took off from St. Lucia on March 6 when a passenger began “experiencing a medical issue.”

Air Canada said flight attendants on board rushed to support the mother-to-be, who they said was prematurely in labour. After the crew asked if there were any doctors on the plane, two answered the call and assisted.

The flight was diverted to Bermuda to accommodate the delivery, however, the baby was born before the plane touched the tarmac. After arriving in Bermuda, medics transferred the mother and the baby to a local hospital in healthy condition.

“We thank the doctors who assisted and we are proud of the professionalism of our crew,” Air Canada said in a statement.

Pregnant customers can travel on an Air Canada flight up to 36 weeks with a normal pregnancy, the airline said. 

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