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Bike Share Toronto urges riders to ‘wipe down seats’ if renting bike for naked ride



There’s no ifs, ands, or butts about it: If you rent a bike for this weekend’s World Naked Bike Ride in Toronto, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.

That’s the advice Bike Share Toronto is sharing ahead of the event’s 20th anniversary ride on Saturday.

When asked if naked riding was permitted, Bike Share Toronto Director Justin Hanna noted that it’s a “publicly available system,” open to all riders, clothed or otherwise.

“Though we don’t encourage it, we understand that some riders will use the system in this manner on June 8,” Hanna wrote.

“As a matter of common courtesy and hygiene we strongly ask and encourage those riders to wipe down the seats and handlebars after their ride so that they are sanitized for the next rider.”

On its website, World Naked Bike Ride suggests bicycle renters use a seat cover.

According to the organization, the ride is a “global protest against the over usage of oil and urban pollution, promoting greater cycling safety on our roads, and encouraging body freedom for everyone.”

This year’s Toronto ride will start at Coronation Park at 1 p.m. Riders are encouraged to arrive an hour before the ride.

The ride, which is free and doesn’t require registration, will weave its way through the downtown core with stops at Sugar and HTO beaches and the CN Tower.

“Please get dressed after the ride,” the event organizer’s suggest. “We don’t want issues with the police.”

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