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City reverses home run-ban at Toronto west-end baseball diamond



The City of Toronto is changing up its eyebrow-raising rules at a west-end baseball diamond.

A sign at MacGregor Park posted by the city in 2019 stated that no home runs or competitive play was allowed on the baseball diamond.

The sign further read people could not use hardballs or aluminum bats and that only underhand pitching was allowed.

The city said in a statement to CTV News Toronto that signage was installed due to the park’s proximity to homes.

“Due to the proximity of the field at MacGregor Park to nearby residences, balls are to remain within the playing field to avoid damaging property and potentially hurting residents,” the city stated.

“These specifications are outlined in permits for leagues utilizing the diamond to limit home runs/balls going out of the field.”

The city added that physical changes were made to the park in response to the ongoing safety concerns raised by a near-by condos residents.

“The city completed a number of safety and physical changes to the park,” the city said. “These changes include netting, planting additional trees and reviewing the types of permits issued at the diamond.”

“Unfortunately, the signage installed in 2019 stated no home runs were permitted, however, with the new changes at MacGregor Park, we understand there is a redundancy around that rule listed on the existing sign.”

The city said that the old sign has been removed and a new sign is being installed. 

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