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Commanders’ OC Kingsbury called ‘the biggest fraud in football’



CBS Sports Radio show host Damon Amendolara apparently doesn’t like Kliff Kingsbury very much.

Amendolara was in Las Vegas Friday for the Super Bowl week and took a few moments to speak with The Team 980’s Craig Hoffman. Hoffman himself admitted initially he was not too excited about the Commanders hiring Kingsbury to be the offensive coordinator. However, since his initial reaction, Hoffman has “begun to warm to it a bit.”

Hoffman then asked Amendolara where he stood on the hiring of Kingsbury, to which Amendolara responded, “I think he is the biggest fraud in football. Because he has not succeeded anywhere he has been to any significant degree.”

“When he gets the head coach job at Texas Tech he never had a winning record within the Big 12.” Amendolara pointed out that even with Patrick Mahomes as his quarterback, the best Kingsbury could do was 7-5.

“Then he somehow fails upward to get the head coaching job at Arizona. Every year is the same thing: they start out hot and collapse down the stretch. The one year they go to the postseason they are completely ill-prepared. They take on that Rams team and were down 21-0 at the half, 28-0 in the third quarter.”

Amendolara continued to pile on Kingsbury. “His team is known for penalties, poor coaching and sloppy play and slow starts or fades in the second half of the season.”

Amendolara insisted that Kingsbury going to USC also resulted in Caleb Williams having a worse season than previously for the Trojans. That is actually not easily determined nor debated. For in fact, it was the USC defense who really struggled much more in 2023 than they did in the 2022 season.

“This guy has never proven anything. He just keeps getting plum jobs.”

Hoffman countered that at both Texas Teach and USC, Kingsbury was losing 50-48 games, and secondly, Kingsbury was not hired to be the Commanders’ head coach, but only the offensive coordinator.

We don’t know yet how Kingsbury will perform or function, but it is noteworthy, that many in the sports media field, have felt the need to criticize the Dan Quinn and Kingsbury hires.

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