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E-commerce grocery platforms deliver growth across the Indo-Pacific



In addition to the trust provided by the platforms, Canadian food and beverage companies can build confidence with consumers by leveraging AAFC’s Canada Brand program, which is strengthening Canada’s reputation as a trusted supplier of food and beverage products in the Indo-Pacific. It emphasizes the quality, sustainable, innovative and diverse food products Canada brings to the table. 

“The global pandemic changed the way in which business is conducted, from the increase in e-commerce use to the ways in which products are promoted to consumers around the globe. Canada has a great reputation for providing high-quality food products, and by refreshing our national brand to be more digitally optimized ensures our companies can remain competitive in today’s digital business environment,” says Lauren Donihee, executive director of market development at AAFC.

“We’re giving our industry an international stage to showcase their trusted, sustainable and innovative products, and collectively we are better equipped to show the world… food is in our nature,” Donihee says.

The Canada Brand program offers registered members access to a suite of marketing tools designed to raise the profile of, and help differentiate, Canadian agri-food products from the competition. It’s open to Canadian companies that have a role in producing, promoting or supporting Canadian agriculture, food and seafood products. It includes free access to branding graphics, photography, messaging on Canada’s advantages and digital marketing assets. AAFC and partners also utilized the brand in various global market development initiatives to help promote the sector at large.

AAFC now has two e-commerce and digital marketing campaigns in Japan and Vietnam, featuring a year-long showcase of Canadian products on the largest e-commerce grocery platforms in each market.

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