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‘Every part of the organization will be affected,’ CBC/Radio-Canada slashes 600 jobs or 10% of its workforce in massive bloodbath – NOW Toronto



Canada’s public broadcaster, CBC/Radio-Canada announced massive layoffs today across the organization that includes 600 jobs amounting to 10 per cent of its workforce. 

The reckoning in Canada’s legacy media landscape continues as the country’s public broadcaster announced it is laying off hundreds of jobs across its English and French-speaking broadcasting operations, a staggering $40 million reduction.

During a virtual town hall to staff, CBC Canada CEO and President Catherine Tait revealed that 600 jobs will be cut from the organization and 200 vacant positions will not be filled. 

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Of the 600 eliminated jobs, 250 will be from the English-speaking CBC sector and 250 will be eliminated from the French-speaking Radio-Canada. The remaining cuts are expected to come from other departments that include technology and infrastructure among other corporate positions. 

“Every part of this organization will be affected,” Tait said.

The CBC/Radio-Canada says the layoffs are due to extreme cost pressures that result in $125 million dollars beginning next year in 2024.

In response to the CBC/Radio Canada cuts, Heritage Minister Pascale St-Onge said the Liberals have been supportive of a strong publicly funded broadcaster in Canada. 

“Since the beginning of our government in 2015, we’ve been there to support the public broadcaster. We brought back the $115 million per year that was cut by previous (conservative) governments. We also increased their funding during the pandemic because we knew they were facing additional costs due to the situation,” St-Onge said in a press conference on Monday. 

The Heritage Minister went on to say the Liberal government may be open to bailing out CBC/Radio-Canada. 

“This time again, we will work with the public broadcaster because we believe in the public broadcaster in making sure the service is available to all Canadians in all regions,” she said.

Meanwhile, online, Canadians have begun reacting to the news in shock with many sharing their thoughts and prayers for the people who are losing their jobs in the middle of the holiday season.

Now Toronto has reached out to the CBC for comment, and they responded saying they will be releasing a statement later today. We will update our readers once we receive their response.

Stay tuned for more updates to this story 

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