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Four people arrested for mischief at downtown Toronto demonstration



Toronto police say four people have been arrested for mischief at a downtown pro-Palestinian demonstration on Saturday.

Police spokesperson Const. Laurie McCann said officers monitoring the demonstration “learned” that protesters were using a large flag to conceal that they were painting the street.

“When officers attempted to confiscate the flag, some protestors reacted aggressively and obstructed police,” McCann said in an email to CP24.

As a result, four people were taken into custody. There’s no word on whether they have been charged.

Videos posted on social media show the arrest of several protesters. One footage appears to capture an officer punching a demonstrator who was holding a part of the flag that police were trying to take. CP24 asked police about the video and got the email response above.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrations have been taking place in downtown Toronto almost every weekend since the Israel-Hamas war, with thousands marching through downtown streets calling for a ceasefire.

Protesters have also been demanding Canada and the U.S. to stop sending arms to Israel.

Like previous protests, they gathered Saturday outside the U.S. consulate on University Avenue.

Demonstrators created a symbolic red line to slam the actions of the White House after President Joe Biden said last week that an Israeli airstrike in Rafah that killed dozens of Palestinian civilians did not cross “the red line.”

On Saturday, Israel rescued four hostages out of Gaza in a heavy air and ground assault, which reportedly killed more than 200 Palestinians.

With files from CTV Toronto’s Natalie Johnson and The Associated Press

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