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Four Seasons Toronto’s Renovated Rooms Complement New D|azur Patio Experience – Travel And Tour World



Four Seasons Toronto’s Renovated Rooms Complement New D|azur Patio Experience – Travel And Tour World

Thursday, June 20, 2024

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Four Seasons Toronto launches d|azur patio in Yorkville, offering a French Riviera vibe with fresh menu and art by Dahae Song.

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto proudly announces the debut of its outdoor patio, d|azur, at d|bar, under the culinary direction of Chef Daniel Boulud. As Toronto embraces the warm summer days, d|azur offers a unique French Riviera escape nestled in the chic Yorkville area. This season’s launch aligns with the hotel’s extensive room and suite renovations, featuring multi-million-dollar upgrades and newly integrated art collections. Among these artistic enhancements is a striking mural by Canadian artist Dahae Song, which will grace d|azur throughout the summer.

Embodying the essence of the Mediterranean shore, d|azur introduces a seasonal menu emphasizing healthy, vibrant flavors and the annual showcase of a mural. This outdoor dining spot provides a serene setting for guests to enjoy dishes inspired by the sea amidst the artwork of Dahae Song.

Toronto-based artist of South Korean descent, Dahae Song, infuses d|azur with her artistic philosophy. Recognized as a visual philosopher, Dahae employs a variety of media to explore the dynamics of time and growth, akin to the natural development of a tree. Her artworks, resembling artifacts from an imaginary realm, document unseen worlds and provoke introspection on the transient nature of our existence.

“The inspiration for the mural came from the Earth as I see and feel it. It’s a reflection on experiencing the beauty of nature and how the feelings of awe it gifts us with is evidence of love,” says Dahae. “I chose three hues of blues to represent the spirit of the Earth, captured in the air, light, and water of the lands we live and travel through. I hope my art offers a revitalizing moment and a resting place within Toronto.”

Enhancing the idyllic setting of the patio, d|azur’s culinary team has carefully crafted a menu that emphasizes freshness and health. The offerings include a selection of dishes made from high-quality, seasonal ingredients. Guests can also enjoy an array of summer cocktails and mocktails, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere.

“We are excited to reopen d|azur and offer our guests an outdoor dining experience that captures the essence of the French Riviera,” says Patrick Pollak, General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Toronto. “Between Dahae Song’s captivating mural and the seasonal menu prepared by our culinary team, we aim to create a memorable summer destination right here in the heart of Toronto.”

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