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Global National: March 5 | Watch News Videos Online



Global National

After years of negotiations, nearly 200 nations have made history by signing the High Seas Treaty, a legally-binding pact to protect international oceans. A closer look at the new deal that’s being called “world-changing” and the impact it aims to have on biodiversity in our oceans. There are growing concerns for LGBTQ+ “safe spaces” as more gay bars and villages close. And it comes as the community is increasingly under attack. Plus, the Iranian regime finally acknowledges the alleged poisonings of schoolgirls across the country, blaming hardline Islamist groups. But some believe it is the Iranian regime itself behind them. Bell and Telus hike roaming rates for Canadians this week. And finally, we speak to a Canadian girl who has hula hooped her way into the upcoming Guinness Book of World Records.

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