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Google Maps Prank: Kendrick Lamar Fans Rename Drake’s Toronto House As ‘Owned By Kendrick’



Google Maps Prank: Kendrick Lamar Fans Rename Drake’s Toronto House As ‘Owned By Kendrick’

After Kendrick Lamar released his fourth diss track against Drake, fans of the former used Google map creatively and renamed Drake’s Bridle Path mansion, at 21 Park Lane Circle, Toronto, as ‘owned by Kendrick.’

Reports indicate that Kendrick Lamar fans took the que from Lamar’s utilization of Drake’s house, adorned with child sex offender markers, as the cover art for his diss track ‘Not Like Us.’ The feud between the two hip-hop starts started in 2011, and was reignited recently after Lamar dropped a pointed verse on his chart-topping single ‘Like That’. In response, Drake released two diss tracks, ‘Push Ups’ and ‘Taylor Made Freestyle.’

The feud has certainly stirred up the rap world and shows no signs of slowing down. It has drawn in everyone from pop A-listers to AI constructions of 2Pac and Snoop Dogg. The feud has put the genre back at the top of the charts after an off year, according to reports.

The pair first worked together in 2011 on the song ‘Buried Alive Interlude’ from Drake’s album ‘Take Care’. Their relationship continued to develop amicably, with Lamar opening for Drake during his 2012 Club Paradise Tour.

However, tensions arose in 2013 when Lamar’s guest verse on Big Sean’s ‘Control’ called out Drake and other top rappers of the time. Lamar claimed that he “had love” for all of them, but was trying to “murder” them. This verse was seen as a friendly competition rather than a diss.

The conflict escalated significantly in March 2024 when Lamar rejected J. Cole’s proposal on the song ‘Like That’, which suggested that he, Drake and Lamar were the “Big Three” of hip hop.

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