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Hamilton tops CAA list of worst Ontario roads for 3rd straight year – The Weather Network



Published on May. 28, 2024, 2:07 PM

Aberdeen Avenue at No. 1, Toronto has 5 roads in top 10

For the third year in a row, Hamilton has been named home to Ontario’s worst road, according to the Canadian Automobile Association’s (CAA) annual list for 2024.

Residents across the province weigh in, usually citing potholes, traffic, and poor maintenance and biking infrastructure. Cyclists and pedestrians typically make up roughly a quarter of voters.

Aberdeen Avenue in Hamilton was named the worst road, ahead of Eglinton Avenue West in Toronto and Barton Street East in Hamilton, which topped the list last year and the year prior.

CAA spokesperson Brian Pirvu said the association worked with the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario to vet the list.

‘It’s been bad for years’

Dave Stewart, who lives near Aberdeen and regularly uses the road, told CBC Hamilton he wasn’t surprised to hear which street got the top spot.

“It’s been bad for years and every year it seems to get a little bit worse,” Stewart said.

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