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Japadog is opening its first Toronto location this summer



A West Coast street food favourite will finally make its long-rumoured debut in Toronto this summer, as beloved chain Japadog has announced it will soon open its first location in Canada’s largest city.

The chain, known for its elaborately-topped, Japanese-inspired variations on hot dogs, announced at the start of May that it would open its first Toronto location this summer.

The news came along with a brief preview of Japadog’s under-construction outpost on Yonge Street in the heart of downtown.

Japadog will be one of the businesses populating the street-level retail frontage of a recently completed condominium complex at 509 Yonge Street, midway between College and Wellesley.

Bright red signage posted in the locations’ windows, bearing the restaurant’s branding, has already started to generate hype among locals.

The announcement does not offer a specific date for hot dog hopefuls, though, with summer just weeks away, locals won’t have to wait too long to get a taste of this popular West Coast snack.

Japadog has flirted with expansion beyond Vancouver in the past to varying success. A New York City location briefly existed before it was shuttered in 2013. The only existing location outside of the Vancouver area is a stand at Santa Monica Pier in California, which opened in 2022.

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