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Navigating the Skies: 6 Takeaways from Our Aviation Executive Summit – Canadian Chamber of Commerce



Ottawa, ON | September 25, 2023.

On September 25, executives and government officials alike descended upon Canada’s National Arts Centre for our Executive Summit Series event: The Future of Canada’s Aviation Sector. The summit provided a unique platform to discuss, analyze and envision the future of this crucial sector. During this summit, we discussed: Airport Authority Investment Strategies, Supporting Regional Airports, Sustainability, Competitiveness, a Collective Vision for the Sector and Energy.

What was said and what does the future of Canada’s aviation sector look like for Canada?

Here are our key takeaways from the insightful discussions:

Airport Authority Investment Strategies

Giving Canadian airport authorities greater freedom to attract investments, both domestic and international, is crucial to boosting the growth and competitiveness of the aviation sector.

Supporting Regional Airports

Regional airports play a crucial role in linking smaller communities to major airports. They serve as feeders for the larger airports, offering domestic flights and connecting passengers to international travel hubs.


The industry recognizes the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition towards a zero-carbon future. This involves embracing new technologies and alternative fuel sources, such as biofuels and electric propulsion, to make air travel more environmentally friendly.

A Collective Vision for the Sector

Collaboration is key in the aviation sector, which involves stakeholders such as airports, airlines, regulators and industry associations. Given the complexity of the ecosystem, it is crucial for these players to work together to address challenges and drive innovation.


Enabling airports to generate their own energy not only brings environmental benefits but also strengthens the resilience of the aviation sector, while empowering local communities with clean and reliable energy.


A major concern is the aging infrastructure at airports, including terminals, runways and air traffic control systems. A lack of investment by governments in maintaining and modernizing the infrastructure can lead to issues that affect flight schedules and passenger experience.

We would like to acknowledge that this summit took place on the traditional territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg People. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce recognizes and appreciates their historic connection to this place. We also value the contributions that Inuit, Métis and other Indigenous Peoples have made, both in shaping and strengthening this community, province and country.

2023 Executive Summit Series

Our Executive Summit Series gives us the opportunity to take a deep dive into issues our political leaders need to consider to ensure public policies drive business success.

Each event will ignite insightful conversations with some of Canada’s most influential business leaders and government officials, as we strive to meet our biggest challenges: the future of people, technology, trade and climate. To register for an upcoming Executive Summit Series event please click here.

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