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NC Lottery: Residents spent nearly 660 million in online sports betting



GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A new report shows online sports betting has exploded in the state since becoming legal last month.

According to the North Carolina Lottery Commission, residents wagered nearly $660 million and won nearly $600 million between the 11th and the 31st of March.

Tie Breakers Sports Bar and Grill Manager Kevin Anderson says he’s seen an uptick among customers and it’s important for them to play responsibly.

“I think that having that option to do that legally is good for those guys that and have that option of where they don’t feel like they have to go around and find little loopholes and stuff to be able to make it happen,” says Anderson.

The Lottery says bets include those from sporting events, paid wagering revenue and promo wagering revenue.

Therapist Chris Gill of Carolina Counseling in Greenville says despite the excitement, for some, sports betting can open the door to gambling addiction.

He recommends if a person feels that they or a loved one may have a problem to seek counseling immediately.

“It’s something that you crave that you just gotta do and you find yourself chasing it because it releases endorphins into your brain and endorphins when they are released into our brain it lowers our cortisol levels and when it lowers our cortisol levels, we feel good,” says Gill.

In February, eight vendors were chosen to operate online sportsbooks in the state including Fanduel, Bet MGM, Draftkings, Fanatics, ESPN b=Bet, Underdog Sports and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

“Overall, I mean a lot of the people that we have come in here were excited about it, just being able to have that option to do it while they’re sitting in here and being able to do it live as they’re in here,” says Anderson.

The Lottery says the state must tax 18% of the gross wagering revenue, which is the amount of winnings before any deductions.

If you or someone you know is addicted to gambling, free help is available, at,gov.

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