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NetNewsLedger – April 17, 2024: Travel Weather Report from Toronto to Winnipeg Including Key Stops



Weather and Road Conditions Overview

THUNDER BAY – Today’s journey from Toronto to Winnipeg will traverse through varying weather conditions, impacting road safety and travel times. Travellers are advised to stay vigilant, especially with the changing weather systems along this route.

Always use the 511 traffic system to check the latest road conditions before and during your trip.

Toronto: Starting Point

  • Current Conditions: Light rain with a chance of thunderstorms early. Temperature around 7°C.
  • Road Conditions: Wet and potentially slippery in areas with heavy rain. Use caution during thunderstorms due to possible sudden changes in visibility.

Barrie: Stop 1

  • Weather Advisory: Periods of rain throughout the day with a high of 8°C.
  • Road Conditions: Wet roads with moderate traffic expected. Be cautious of puddles and hydroplaning.

Sudbury: Stop 2

  • Weather Advisory: Mostly cloudy with intermittent rain. Temperature highs around 6°C.
  • Road Conditions: Mainly wet, with colder temperatures possibly causing slick spots on elevated roadways.

Sault Ste. Marie: Stop 3

  • Weather Advisory: Persistent rain with windy conditions. Wind gusts up to 46 km/h.
  • Road Conditions: Expect wet and potentially hazardous driving conditions, especially on bridges and open areas.

Thunder Bay: Stop 4

  • Weather Advisory: Significant rainfall expected with possible flooding alerts.
  • Road Conditions: Watch for pooled water and flooding in low-lying areas. Reduced speed advised.

Kenora: Stop 5

  • Weather Advisory: Light rain turning into snow in the evening, with temperatures around 4°C.
  • Road Conditions: Transitioning from wet to potentially icy conditions as temperatures drop towards evening.

Winnipeg: Destination

  • Weather Advisory: Light snow clearing by afternoon; temperatures rising to 9°C.
  • Road Conditions: Snow may cause slick conditions early, improving as temperatures rise and precipitation clears.

Traveler’s Tips

  • Always check road conditions via 511 before setting out and during stops.
  • Prepare for temperature fluctuations and potential hazardous driving conditions.
  • Ensure your vehicle is equipped for long-distance travel and varying weather, including having winter tires if travelling outside urban areas.

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