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Paul George Reveals Truth About Joining Kawhi Leonard on Toronto Raptors



Paul George Reveals Truth About Joining Kawhi Leonard on Toronto Raptors

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George will forever be linked as members of the LA Clippers. The duo spent five season together in LA, but it turns out, there was a chance that the two could have played for a different team entirely – the Toronto Raptors.

In the newest episode of Podcast P by Wave Sports, Paul George revealed that he almost joined Kawhi Leonard on the Toronto Raptors.

“Me and him was just working on how could we make this happen? I was close to going to Toronto,” George said. “We were deciding to go to Toronto or the Clippers. Ultimately, Clippers put something better, a better trade package together that sent me to LA. But I was close, he was going to re-sign to Toronto and we was gonna go to Toronto.”

It’s a bit curious to see this story come out now of all times. Especially, knowing that Kawhi Leonard was actively recruiting numerous players to play with him in Los Angeles before even trying to recruit Paul George. It’s widely known that Kawhi was trying to recruit both Kevin Durant and Jimmy Butler to Los Angeles, so the idea of him staying in Toronto just doesn’t seem that feasible.

It remains to be seen whether playing in Toronto would have netted Kawhi Leonard and Paul George the championship they failed to acquire in LA. Despite the lack of success, it was never about the talent around them, but the health of the two superstars.

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