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Planet Fitness staff tasked to help trans client in changeroom: Report



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A woman who was banned from a Planet Fitness gym for taking photos of a transgender gym-goer shaving in the women’s locker-room claims the gym has since assigned a staffer to accompany the person in the ladies-only area.

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Patricia Silva’s membership was revoked hours after she posted a photo of the unidentified customer to Facebook on March 11, the New York Post reported.

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Silva told the Post that Planet Fitness “has assigned an employee to accompany him when he uses the women’s locker-room.


“Another friend of mine went to that gym the other day and he was in there — shaving his face again,” she said. “He is dressed as a man. His hair is cut short. It appeared that he was dressed, shaving his face and getting ready to leave for the day.

“He has an employee who is assisting him in the bathroom. My friend said to his accompanying Planet Fitness rep that he needs to leave.”

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In response, “This woman told my friend that if you are uncomfortable you can go into a stall,” according to Silva.

Silva told the Post that the Planet Fitness member she photographed claimed to be “transitioning.”

“He wasn’t physically doing anything threatening,” Silva told the Post. “But we had a man full of shaving cream on his face in the middle of the locker-room.”

Silva confronted the unidentified gym-goer and posted three videos that recounted the incident and her ban from the gym. The video went viral and has been blamed for Planet Fitness’ value reportedly plunging by more than $400 million as calls to boycott the chain have been aired.


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