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Punjab woman wins Rs 8.2 crore lottery in Dubai from an online ticket she bought on her anniversary



Payal, an Indian woman from Punjab, celebrated her 16th wedding anniversary by purchasing a raffle ticket with money gifted by her husband, Harnek Singh. This decision led to a $1 million win in the Dubai Duty-Free (DDF) Millennium Millionaire series 461.

The Lucky Ticket

Payal bought the winning ticket, number 3337, online on May 3. She shared, “The money I used to buy the winning ticket came from my husband, who gifted me Dh1,000 on our wedding anniversary. I picked the ticket with the most number 3s in it.”She told Khaleej Times, “The money I used to buy the winning ticket came from my husband (Harnek Singh), who gifted me Dh1,000 on our 16th wedding anniversary on April 20. I thought of buying a DDF ticket online with the money, and I picked the ticket with most number 3s in it.”

A Long-Standing Tradition
For the past twelve years, Payal has been purchasing DDF tickets, favoring the number three. She alternated the tickets between her children’s and husband’s names during their trips. “I used to buy DDF tickets once or twice every year at the airport. This time, I bought it online for the first time. It turned out to be a gift that kept on giving,” Payal said.

Sharing the Good News
Payal was overjoyed when she called her husband to share the news. “I was so happy, and tears of joy rolled out as I spoke to him. The kids, twins aged 14, don’t know the news yet, but we will tell them once we pick them up from school this afternoon,” she added.

Future Plans
When asked about her plans for the prize money, Payal said, “It’s still very early to decide. But, of course, our priority is to secure my kids’ future – to give them a really good education for a good life.”

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