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Spencer Dinwiddie’s contract includes one of the weirdest bonuses in NBA history



During his NBA career, Spencer Dinwiddie has tried some interesting things with his contract. Memorably, and most infamously, he once tried to turn his contract into something that fans could invest in during the height of crypto and NFTs popularity in the mainstream.

While that did not work due to the NBA nixing the idea, it showed how creative, some might even say peculiar, Dinwiddie was willing to get with his contract.

That brings us to the present day, when Dave McMenamin and Bobby Marks of ESPN reported details of Dinwiddie’s contract with the Lakers. McMenamin noted that Dinwiddie would sign for the remainder of the MLE the Lakers had left at just over $1.5 million, but it was Marks who revealed the far more notable part of the deal.

One dollar.

How does this work in negotiations? Like did Dinwiddie communicate through his agent that he would like a $1 bonus if they won the title?

Because of where the Lakers are in the luxury tax, this $1 bonus will actually cost them $1.50 to pay out. That might make it a tough call for the Lakers as to whether to agree to this deal or not.

If the Lakers win the title, I think I’m perfectly comfortable spending the extra dollar as a bonus to Dinwiddie. It would have been significantly funnier if he had escalating incentives starting at 25 cents and increasing by a quarter for each round of the playoffs the Lakers progress through.

Hopefully, though, you just really hope he can prove he’s worth the bonus in the playoffs. He’s really going to have elevate his game in the postseason to warrant the Lakers including this in his contract.

Maybe he can start another GoFundMe for fans to give him a bigger bonus if he really plays well.

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