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Stephen Curry Issues Bold Warning To NBA After Tough Loss Vs. LeBron-Less Lakers



Stephen Curry finally made his return from injury on Sunday after missing a month of action. Unfortunately, not even the return of the greatest shooter of all time in the lineup was enough to lift the Golden State Warriors to a win over a LeBron James-less Los Angeles Lakers side. Anthony Davis was a beast for LA, leading his squad to a crucial 113-105 win over the Dubs.

After the game, Curry acknowledged that the Warriors have been struggling of late, and the fact that they’ve been dealing with a myriad of injuries has played a key role in the same. Be that as it may, Steph remains confident in the abilities of the defending champs:

“It’s just a lot that we’re trying to deal with, and (we) still gotta stay optimistic about where we’re headed because until we get beat, we still feel like we’re a tough matchup for anybody,” Curry said, via Warriors on NBCS on Twitter. “That’s the confidence we have to have down the stretch and heading to the post-season.”

As we’ve seen in the past, the Warriors are a different beast come the postseason. They’re fifth in the West at the moment, and at this point, it’s only an absolute disaster that’s going to prevent them from securing their spot in the playoffs this year. As such, Golden State will need to use their remaining games in the regular season to get back into shape. Stephen Curry is now back in the fold, and it’s now only a matter of time before the former back-to-back MVP returns to top form. The rest of the league better be ready.

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