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Teacher had baby with student while on bail, jurors told



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A U.K. teacher had a baby with an underage student, while out on bail for allegedly having sex with another 15-year-old boy, jurors were told.

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Manchester math teacher Rebecca Joynes, 30, allegedly groomed the first boy by taking him shopping for a Gucci belt worth about $430, the accuser told cop in an interview played in court, the New York Post reported, citing the Manchester Evening News.

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The teacher drove the boy back to her apartment for unprotected sex, “laughing” when he told her he was too young even to drive, jurors were told.

“She said, ‘Oh shut up’ … ‘Stop saying that,’” the 15-year-old said of his teacher allegedly teasing him about his young age.

The boy, identified only as Boy A, told cops he stayed the night after twice having sex with the teacher, who allegedly told him while getting undressed that “no one had better find out,” jurors were told.

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Boy A told cops that he never expected to have sex with the teacher. “But anyone in my position, when you are my age … if you ever see her — she is good-looking,” he told cops in the footage played in court.

Joynes was later arrested and released on bail on order not to have unsupervised contact with anyone under 18, according to a report. She was suspended from her school and eventually fired.

Joynes has denied six counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child, including two while being in a position of trust.

Jurors were told she soon starting flirting with another pupil who sent her Snapchat messages about the initial arrest, asking her to “get your tits out.”

“She said ‘not tonight’” — but sent a picture of her behind, the second accuser, Boy B, told police.

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“As a young lad, I thought I was in there,” he told cops. “I thought she liked me, she had sent me pictures of her body, so basically I asked if it would progress.”

According to the report, he was invited to her home, which was “awkward” at first. “Obviously she was probably nervous because she didn’t want to get caught and I was nervous because I was meeting up with someone double my age and I’d known them for a number of years,” Boy B said, according to interviews played in court.

“She said something like ‘I don’t know if I want to do it until after you’ve left school or turn 18,’” the boy said of them kissing on the couch before going to his teacher’s room for sex.

“That was the first time and since then there have been numerous times,” he alleged — claiming he “went round to the apartment at least 30 times.”

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Joynes eventually became pregnant and had a daughter with Boy B, according to the Times of London.

However, she denies having sex with him before he turned 16 — the regular age of consent in the U.K. — or when she was still a teacher, which would raise that age of consent to 18.

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“Remarkably and in all honesty quite brazenly, this was all happening while Ms. Joynes was on bail to this court,” prosecutor Joe Allman told jurors of the second boy.

“A 15-year-old cannot consent to sexual activity with an adult … 15-year-old school pupils don’t exploit adult men and women who are their teachers,” the prosecutor told jurors.

Her trial is ongoing.


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