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Tennis broadcaster predicts end to Nadal’s top 10 record and Djokovic’s World No.1 record: “I give it 50 years”



Tennis commentator Gill Gross put forward a really bold claim that the specific records of Djokovic and Nadal would be broken in the next 50 years.

Sport is always evolving and it’s not hard to think that old records get broken in the future. Some records are so incredibly hard to do that it takes a long time to be broken but Gross believes that even those of Djokovic and Nadal will be broken in the future. Not only that, he predicted it will happen in the next 50 years:

“Can I say both? Guys? Can I say both? I am totally out on the ‘The record is never going to be broken’ thing, unless something changes in the game so that these records are more indestructible than they were previously. If you want to tell me, ‘Oh no one’s going to break those records’, I will listen to you, alright, but aside from the sport literally changing and making it harder for records to be broken, I got news for you. They’re all getting broken, all the records are being broken, the athletes are playing for longer.”

He continued:

“It’s an absolute game-changer. LeBron James just passed Kareem Abdul Jabbar in points, Alex Ovechkin just passed Wayne Gretzky in (NHL) goals. None of those records were supposed to be broken when Kareem got it, when Wayne “The Great One” got it. None of those records were supposed to be broken, ever. They got broken.”

And concluded:

“This is the new way, this is the new age, and it’s only going to continue in that direction. So, both records will be broken, that is my take. 50 years, I give it 50 years, no more.”

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