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Toronto’s population is the fastest growing in Canada and U.S.: report



Toronto’s population is the fastest growing in Canada and U.S.: report

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Toronto beat out major American cities like Houston and Dallas. While Toronto’s metropolitan area grew by 221,588 people over 12 months, Houston and Dallas saw much less growth, with 139,789 people and 152,598 people respectively.

The report, which was published online on June 10, revealed that San Antonio, Texas  — with a population growth of 21,970 people over the same time period — came the closest to Toronto’s central city population growth of 125,756 people.

Meanwhile, Dallas came closest to Toronto’s metropolitan area population growth, as per the report.

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“The disparity in urban growth patterns between the two countries is nothing new,” wrote author of the report Senior Research Fellow Frank Clayton.

“What is surprising is the lack of awareness south of the border of how rapidly Toronto is becoming an economic powerhouse mainly built on robust immigration from many countries. At the time of the 2021 Census of Canada, 49 per cent of the Toronto metropolitan area’s population was born outside Canada.”

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The report said it was “remarkable” that out of the top 10 fastest-growing central cities in North America, eight of them were in Canada.

In order of highest to lowest population growth, the Canadian cities that made the top 10 list were Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Vancouver and Halifax. Meanwhile, the American cities that made the list were San Antonio and Fort Worth, both located in Texas. They took the eighth and ninth spot on the list respectively.

The report also found that “none of Canada’s 48 metropolitan areas experienced a decline in population in 2023.”

The population growth data used in the report was based on estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau and Statistics Canada.

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