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TTC to boost service on 24 bus routes starting Sunday



The TTC says that improvements to two-dozen bus routes will start coming online later this week and will eventually boost overall transit service in the city to 96 per cent of pre-pandemic levels.

Starting this Sunday, 24 major bus routes – mostly in Scarborough, North, York, and Etobicoke – will see improved service, particularly during off-peak hours, TTC and city officials said Tuesday.

Speaking at a news conference in Scarborough, TTC Chair Jamaal Myers said the announcements marks a “significant milestone” in enhancing transit options, particularly for riders in the suburbs.

“We are increasing TTC service to 96 per cent of pre-pandemic levels, providing four per cent more service than at this time last year,” Myers said. “I’m particularly pleased that these service enhancements will greatly benefit residents of my beloved Scarborough by enhancing service frequency, capacity and reliability on routes affected by the closure of Line Three.”

Myers said that as of the end of April, weekday trips on the TTC reached 82 per cent of 2019 levels, with an average of 2.52 million daily boardings. He said ridership on the city’s bus network is currently at 91 per cent capacity.

Speaking at the news conference, Mayor Olivia Chow said she’s hearing that people want more bus service.

“They want more buses, more frequently; shorter wait times; a comfortable ride — not jammed like sardines; and a more reliable commute,” Chow said.

She added that “we are investing more than ever in TTC so your bus arrives sooner with more room on board.”

This year’s TTC budget set aside $46.4 million in order to meet service demand increases on both conventional and Wheel-Trans services. Another increase to 97 per cent of pre-pandemic service is expected in September.

Last year service across the TTC was boosted from 91 to 95 per cent of pre-pandemic levels in order to meet growing ridership. The TTC has said that it is hoping ridership will reach 80 per cent of pre-pandemic levels by the end of this year.

Speaking Tuesday, TTC CEO Rick Leary said the latest service increase will add thousands of service hours across the city at all times of the day. He said the increase will be coming in the form of additional buses; larger, articulated buses to reduce crowding on busy routes, and increased frequency to match demand. He said the TTC is also “filling gaps” on its 10-minute network, as well as improving service frequency on routes where demand has shifted since the closure of Line 3.

While a rapid busway is in the works to replace the decommissioned, Scarborough RT (Line 3), Leary said it is still not expected that the bus way will be operational before 2026.

Here’s the list of routes which will start to see improved service on May 12:

  • 19 Bay
  • 25 Don Mills
  • 36 Finch West
  • 39 Finch East
  • 44 Kipling South
  • 46 Martin Grove
  • 53 Steeles East
  • 57 Midland
  • 60 Steeles West
  • 68 Warden
  • 72 Pape
  • 76 Royal York South
  • 95 York Mills
  • 104 Faywood
  • 111 East Mall
  • 114 Queens Quay East (new)
  • 122 Graydon Hall
  • 123 Sherway
  • 184 Ancaster Park
  • 902 Markham Road Express
  • 935 Jane Express
  • 939 Finch Express
  • 995 York Mills Express

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