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What to know about your Rising sign and why it is more important than you think



What is a Rising sign? Is it different to your star sign? Have you been reading your horoscope wrong all this time? Tatler talks to astrologer Deborah Lynna Ehrlich for a better understanding

When you read your horoscope for the week or month, does it seem a little vague or like it doesn’t quite match up with your life? Maybe you’re a Leo, which is often associated with loving being the centre of attention, but you hate being on stage. Or you’re a Capricorn, a sign often described as workaholics, but you actually enjoy some relaxation.

One of the key reasons astrology can seem vague is because we rely so heavily on the Sun sign (the sign denoted by the day you were born) as being the only signifier of our horoscope, when in fact there are other aspects of the chart to take into consideration, such as the Ascendant sign.

Your Ascendant sign, also know as your Rising sign, is calculated using your exact birth time—and by exact, I do mean exact—and one of the things it represents is your day-to-day role in life. Your friends, colleagues and family interact with this part of you daily, and much of how you express yourself to the outside world is influenced by the Ascendant.

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