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What’s better than a footlong sandwich? A footlong cookie! Subway Canada launches first-ever footlong cookie for National Cookie Day – NOW Toronto



If you enjoy a Subway cookie paired with your sandwich, then you’re going to love Subway’s first-ever footlong cookie set to release next year!

In honour of National Cookie Day, Subway Canada is teasing its footlong-sized cookie for the very first time.

“Subway Canada sold over 77 MILLION cookies in 2022, which stacks up to about 3,500 CN Towers! This year, Subway Canada continues to take the perfect sandwich pairing to new heights as Canada’s destination for cookies,” the media release said.

According to research conducted by intelligence agency Mintel in 2017, about 72 per cent of Canadians eat cookies, making it the most popular sweet-baked good in the country. 

“Cookies take the number one slot in terms of popular sweet baked goods, even beating donuts – possibly the most intrinsically Canadian of all sweet baked goods. Given their flexibility and portability, it is not surprising that cookies are eaten more than other sweet baked goods,” Mintel Senior Food and Drink Analyst Joel Gregoire said in a statement

Other contenders that made the list of favorite baked good include muffins, cakes, donuts and other pastries. In fact, the research says about 49 per cent of younger consumers aged 18 to 44 prefer to eat donuts, meanwhile about 50 per cent of consumers aged 45 and over have a stronger preference for pies. 

For those cookie lovers out there, Subway Canada is set to debut three exclusive flavours of its footlong cookies sometime next year. The first is called The Green Goddess, this cookie includes a pistachio spread, topped with shaved coconut, and green apple with caramel drizzled all over. 

The second cookie is called The Little Italy, it has a sweet Italian flare with a ricotta and mini chocolate chip spread, and it’s topped with fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, lemon juice, along with a delicate coating of icing sugar.

The third and last cookie is called The Great Canadian. In true Canadian fashion, it features a caramel-maple spread, dollops of sweet blueberry jam and butter tarts, pecans, and bacon on top.

In addition to these new flavours, Subway Canada is also launching its limited-edition peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie loaded with Reese’s Pieces. This sweet treat is available at all Subway locations nationwide for a limited time. 

However, customers are going to have to wait a little bit longer for the release of its footlong cookie, as a release date is yet to be announced. 

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